Brexit Conference

The aim of this one-day meeting was to discuss the issues that ought to be considered in the Brexit negotiations to ensure high-quality research continues in Oxford.

The 5,000 - 6,000 members of research staff at Oxford are the most diverse group within the University of Oxford, and many raised concerns following the Brexit referendum vote. These concerns include  how to recruit the best students and staff from around the world, future research funding, regulation and international collaborations.

The presentations take stock of the current regime and of the impact Brexit is likely to have on each area under consideration.

We are very grateful to the Vice-Chancellor, each Division, St John's College, All Souls College, Wadham College, Hertford College and Oxentia for sponsoring the event.

Welcome from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson and Dr Anjali Shah, Co-Chairwoman of the Oxford Research Staff Society


Brexit and Universities - Professor Alastair Buchan, Head of Brexit Strategy


Research funding: before and after - Gill Wells, Head of the European Office, and Professor Ian Walmsley, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation


Immigration and Recruitment - James Baker, Team Leader on Staff Immigration, and Dr Mike Galsworthy, Co-Director of Scientists for the EU


Brexit and politics: the view from Westminster and Brussels - Dr Anneliese Dodds, Member of Parliament for Oxford East, and Professor Will Hutton, Principal of Hertford College


Collaboration, regulation, and technology transfer - Peter Mason from Universities UK, and Dr Nathan Pike from Oxentia


Panel discussion - chaired by Professor Alastair Buchan